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Here you can have a look at our latest work and view for yourself our skills.

° www.carpenter-inc.com

Carpenter Incorporated, comprises three business branches. A computer service, a mechanical drafting business and a web-design studio.

° ccdrafting.carpenter-inc.com

A mechanical drafting business.

° computers.carpenter-inc.com

Computer service in Arkansas area.

° www.fishdinnerlures.com

This is a basic website for selling handmade fishing lures. Some of the key features of this site includes low usage of javascript, that is custom designed for the site, and does not include massive js files that need to be downloaded as well. It also includes background pages that allow the owner to add new products to existing line, modify/delete products in existing lines, And upload pictures into expanging galleries with captions as well as edit images and captions.

>>> Note: This business is currently closed and under change of ownership <<<

° www.harcc.net

This was built for a R/C model club. Again, there is a simple basic design. Some of the key detals of this site include functionallity to create sub-galleries and upload pictures into these sub galleries, as well as an editable calendar that automatically indicates the current day and rolls over month to month at midnight local time of the person viewing the page.

° www.lakeandriverstorage.com

A new built security controlled Boat and RV Storage facility located conveniently to both Greers Ferry Lake, and the Little Red River. This is a small web site designed to provide a quick and simple display of required information to the customer, There is no glitz or glamour, just information and some pictures. This is an example of what would be a minimum cost web site.

° www.woodysculverrebuild.com

A site developed aand approved by the owner of an antique airplane restoration hobby. This site was not initially developed by Design of the Times Studios but has been maintaining it for several years, and instituted many improvements without changing the basic look and feel of the site that the owner wants.

° Trilda's Trout Cabin

This website is for a cabin rental along the Little Red River near Heber Springs, Arkansas. It is a fairly straight forward 6 page web design with one additional page. This is not entirely static as the calendar allows for basic viewer interaction, allowing them to make a reservation, with an automatic calendar update once the reservation is made. Furthermore, there is a management page not visible to the public that allows the owner to manage the reservations and confirm them as deposits are received.




391 Heigle Rd., Tumbling Shoals, AR 72581         phone: (1)501-206-1991      e-mail: ccs@carpenter-inc.com

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