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         To order your very own business representation in the Internet

         is easier than ever !

            Just check the options you want to have and send !

For an accurate cost estimate for your site, please answer the following questions with as much detail as possible:

Type of site:

not defined/general

Advertising site

Information site

Corporate site

E-commerce site

Site redesign


Web site sections:

not defined/general


Contact information



Products catalogue



Describe your audience, a typical user of your site, their interests, age, gender, and others

Impression, that the Web site should produce

Name several URL you like and describe why

What is the peculiarity in comparison to other similar companies? Describe how you want this peculiarity to be presented

Web site language options (Principal language, and language translation options):

More details you would like to include:

Do you have questions? Please, ask!

Personal information:

Full name


Day phone (remember the country and/or area code)

Night phone (remember the country and/or area code)

Address (Including City, State, Postal Code and Country)




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